Sunday, January 3, 2010


After "A" School at Port Hueneme,CA I was transferred to the Naval Radio Station located on Mt Moffett, Adak Alaska. I served in Adak from 23 OCT 64 to 25 OCT 65. As a Seabee  my job was to maintain the antennas, operate the power/boiler plant and support the electrical systems at our site. We had two Fairbanks Morse diesels to operate our two 300kw generators. We had many antennas, most notable were the three 300ft towers that supported an antenna strung in the air between them at 300ft. Then their was the 800ft antenna with a small circular base sitting on insulators atop a concrete base and kept in the air by guy wires that attached at about 600ft. For the entire year I only saw the flag drop and touch the pole three times. It rained all but ten days of the year I was there. "On 13 July 1965 at 0900 Alaska Standard Time, the National Ensign was raised for the first time at the U.S. Naval Radio Station (T), Mount Moffett. A component activity of U.S. Naval Communications Station Clam Lagoon, Adak Alaska, the station has been in commission for fifteen years." It took a Seabee to design and install a flag pole that could survive in the "birth place of the winds".Not sure what is there today but I will always remember the experience of serving on Adak. I hope you will enjoy the photos and maybe see some forgotten places and remember some good times from your past. From this duty station I was send to join NMCB3, headed for Viet Nam. You can see my NMCB3 listed on "Links to Favorite Sites".


  1. I was on Adak from Sept 69 to Sept 70. I was an ET and worked in the Transmitter Building for the first couple of months I was there but I volunteered to be the antenna rigger just so I could have the Trackmaster as my vehicle. Really have some wonderful memories of Adak. Thanks for this site!!

  2. You wouldn't happen to know where someone could get a few pictures of the antennas there on Adak. I deployed there in 1990 and other than being busy or bored that there was little there other than the towers.

  3. Ken, if you see any photos on my site that you would like, shoot me an e-mail and I will send them to you.